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You know how useful conference calls can be. Now how about if you could do it with pictures? With Showtime, the all new web conferencing service from Powwownow, that's exactly what you get. A web conference that allows you to chat, present documents and share your desktop with your fellow conference callers, all for free.

Why Showtime?

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Why Showtime?

Like the Powwownow voice conference system, Showtime web conferencing is almost embarrassingly easy to use. It has all the facilities of more expensive web conferencing systems, but of course comes to you free of charge.

Four great reasons for web conferencing with Showtime

1. You can present images and graphics to people, wherever they are.
2. You can even let them see your computer desktop to explain your point.
3. With Showtime, web conferencing is very, very easy.
4. With Showtime, web conferencing is free.

Showtime in Action

  • Sales Presentations: enhancements to the product live can be visually demonstrated to salespeople - wherever they are.
  • Motivation: it's one thing talking to employees about how well the company's doing. Why not update them with graphs and images?
  • Recruitment: discuss CV's interactively. See pictures of candidates. Drill down, zoom in, and decide together who is the right person for the job.
  • Stick to the Agenda: chairing a conference call is so much easier when it's a web conference call - because you're the one turning the pages.
  • Training: a picture speaks a thousand words. And people can learn efficiently - and remotely - by web conference.
  • Creative Marketing: got some ideas to show your client? But want to talk them through it instead of just e-mailing a PDF? A web conference lets you do it justice.

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Why Powwownow?

No one does free conference calling like we do. Teleconferencing with Powwownow is dead easy and costs nothing apart from the cost of your own call. In 2009 we became a telecommunications company in our own right, which now puts us alongside BT as the only other telecoms company to provide their own conference calling service in the UK. So you can have more confidence and more benefits for no additional cost. Learn more about how we are different.

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Cost Savings...

  Cost to chairperson Saving with powwownow
Premier Global
$21.60(USD) $18.60(USD)
Conference Calls Unlimited $39.24(USD) $36.24(USD)
Comparison shows how much the chairperson pays for a
1-hour conference call with 6 participants. Costs